Guys - seriously. Check this out.


Operation: Zeus - The story of this generations Veteran.

If you can take some time to watch this documentary I filmed, I’d really appreciate it.  If you could share it, and get 1 or 2 of your friends to watch it, and then they share it, I would appreciate that even more.

It’s kind of boring, but the message is very strong.  There isn’t a lot of motion, and special effects, just 86 minutes of focusing on the men who have fought our wars and their families who have stood behind them.  If you can’t watch it today, post a reminder for yourself to watch it when you do have time.


Every second to watch this was beyond worth it. 

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    i really don’t know how to share my experiences. some times i think i should or this war and the men who fought it in it...
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    I know it’s long. Watch it anyways, it’s worth your time.
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    Every second to watch this was beyond worth it.
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    I haven’t gotten through this yet, but I plan to.
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